What Are the Benefits of an Adjustable Bed?

Modern adjustable beds come with the high tech memory foam mattresses that can be as many as 15 inches thick. They can also have as many as twelve hundred pocket springs inside it that makes it super comfortable. It also has a twenty five millimeter memory foam topper and is non-turn single sided. If you have it around the wrong way you won’t get to really use the memory foam features because it would be on the wrong side. The mattress also has a cube stitched quilted border, and is put together really well with things like brass ventilators to help relieve moisture build up keeping it in good condition. The sprung beech slats and the sprung shoulder zones keep the more sensitive areas of your body even more comfortable and there are sliders to help with lumbar support and comfort. You can read more about benefits of an adjustable bed on The Bay Net.

The frame of the adjustable bed moves at five different points including the neck, back, and knees. The frame is operated by an easy to use six button handset that controls all the different features. The frame also moves as quietly as possible so you won’t be disturbed when you move the bed. The shoulder section of the bed adjusts up to sixty degrees and the neck section can be adjusted by up to ninety degrees. Although The Bay Net has many articles on the topic of adjustable beds, we recommend that you check out this specific article.

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